About Rae-ann

Rae-ann Wood-Schatz would self describe as a woman who lives every day with the desire and commitment to make a difference in the life of whomever she connects with on that given day, in that given moment.

Her passion for people comes from a deep-seated belief that we are all infinitely capable of doing better and being better and that sometimes what we lack is capacity. The capacity to get out of our own way, to shed the old stories and old beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns of behavior and thinking that ultimately lead to less than stellar results.

Her own journey of personal development and evolution has included being a student of the programs she now teaches, the first Canadian facilitator of the Samurai Game, a degree in Psychology, a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certified Soul Retrieval Specialist, a Shamanic Coach and Practitioner, and rounding it all out, a teacher of Shamanic Initiation for the Institute for Shamanic Medicine.

She has been a trainer for NAIT’s Faculty Wellness Committee, a trainer for HIV Edmonton, was the Executive Director for Peer Support Services For Abused Women and a counsellor at the former Calgary Sexual Assault Centre and Sheriff King Home for Battered Women.

She has owned and operated her own company Integrity Seminars since 2001.

So to summarize, her ‘where’ has been diverse, her ‘what’ has evolved and her ‘why’ has stayed the same; assist others to build the capacity to be the best version of themselves, no matter what stands in their way.


Rae-ann’s approach to coaching and facilitating is eclectic and focused on providing support in all areas, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Her philosophy is pulled from the diverse training and background she has acquired and is grounded in the belief that people intuitively know what they need and often require support and guidance on how to find their way back to their intuitive self.

It is nice to know you can sit with a coach and feel assured that there will likely not be much you could bring to the table that can’t be addressed. Rae-ann’s ability to draw from such diverse training and experience gives her leverage to, together with you-the expert-problem solve and break through virtually anything.

In fact, she believes that we are not intended to walk this life without support and guidance. When we were children we had our parents and teachers as our guides. Sometimes they taught us great things that had value, sometimes they taught us things we may no longer want to hold on to. When we grow up we can benefit from the support of someone who has no attachment to the outcome or what we choose, and has as their only attachment -your growth and helping you manifest whatever YOU desire. That is the purpose of a coach: combine this with the power of hypnotherapy, NLP and energy work and you have the potential to unlock and connect with your highest self.

Who Can Benefit from Her Services

rae-ann-speaking-to-rightRae-ann’s favorite clients or audience is anyone who has a desire to grow, to learn and transform through honest self-evaluation and a long-term commitment to change. We are moving into a time where people are looking to engage and work with people who they perceive are ‘real’. We have been socially scripted to be great image-makers, with Rae-ann what you see is what you get. A dawn of new truth-telling is upon us. If you are ready to meet yourself and your truth, Rae-ann and her programs can help and helping others is a major component of Rae-ann’s life purpose.

In fact, at 11 years old her father called her Ann Landers. Even as a child she felt strongly her mission and purpose was to contribute to others. In fact, she believes that so strongly, in addition to the work she does, she gave a kidney to a man she met at graduation for one of her courses. Just another example of a passion for giving! In fact, she has been nominated twice for The YWCA’s Woman of Distinction Awards in the category of Advocacy. She has also started a non-profit organization called Paws For A Cause, which does annual fundraising to support a Canadian vet living in South America who works with Vets Without Borders. Rarely do you find someone who deeply loves animals, people and Mother Nature.