Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Many smokers have ‘tried,’ over and over again, to break the habit of smoking. Sadly, failing to quit often reinforces beliefs such as, “I’m not strong enough,” or, “If I fail in this, does this make me a failure in other areas of my life too?” or, “Does this make me weak?” and so on, and so on. Breaking a habit only at the conscious level almost always sets us up to fail, because our subconscious is ultimately more potent. Hypnosis is one way to tap deeply into the core of the habit and reprogram the mind to embrace a life of health and being smoke-free. This audio program will support in rewiring the addicted part of your subconscious. I also always recommend to clients that before you begin the hypnosis, pick up Alan Carr’s book, “Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” This will prepare your conscious mind, and when you have the two working together your ability to be smoke free forever goes up exponentially!