Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

As I have limited time to work one on one with clients I am committed to only working with clients who are truly committed to long term, integrated change.  A coach of mine once said value=commitment=change=success, what this meant to me, and means to me, is that you will increase the liklihood of your success ten fold when you have so much skin in the game you are unwilling to let yourself slide, when to much rides on you seeing your process through.  So if you are ready to go all in, I am ready to say yes to being your coach!

Your time and financial commitments will be:

  • 12 week commitment-access to me up to 1 hour per week -$2000
  • 24 week commitment-access to me up to 1 hour per week -$3400
  • 48 week commitment -$6000

A single session can be arranged, which can include Past Life Regression Work, Power Animal Journies, or a single hypnosis session, call for pricing and details.

Your time can be conveniently accessed face to face, by phone, Skype and email.

Can I Make Payments?

Yes. Payment plans are available!

Do you have a money back guarantee?

All of the seminar programs have a money back guarantee provided  you complete the programs to the very end.  If you do not create value based on what I promised to deliver I will gladly refund your money.  As results in coaching vary based on your participation and consistency there is no money back guarantee, and I will sit with you for an initial session free of charge to ensure we are a good fit and will work well together.

How long does it take to have hypnosis create the changes I require?

Depending on what your challenge or goal is the length of time to facilitate the changes you require will vary.  Average would be 6 sessions.

I can’t be hypnotized, how can you help me?

We can all be and  have all in fact been hypnotized. When you have driven home and don’t remember the drive home, this is a mild state of hypnosis, when you are watching television and someone has to speak your name multiple times to get your attention, this is a mild state of hypnosis. To utilize hypnosis effectively you need only trust the therapist, open your mind to the potential for support and change, and practice with relaxation.