rae-ann-speaking-smileyWe are not intended to walk this life without support and guidance.

When we were children, we had our parents and teachers as our guides. Sometimes they taught us great things that had value, sometimes they taught us things we may no longer want to hold on to.

When we grow up, we can benefit from the support of someone who has no attachment to the outcome of what we choose, and cares about helping you grow and manifest whatever YOU desire. That is the purpose of a coach.

Combine this with the power of hypnotherapy, NLP and energy work and you have the potential to unlock and connect with your highest self.

In addition to the power of one-on-one work, nothing can match the intensity and value of doing personal transformation work in a group setting. People serve as mirrors of reflection for us, and what we cannot see in ourselves is often mirrored through others. This creates new states of inner awareness, but also provides an opportunity to expand and increase the amount of external support you currently have — and that is priceless.

So whether you are looking for coaching, hypnotherapy, spiritual healing or seminar experiences, the invitation I have for you is to step into a powerful personal transformation process regardless of which method you choose. I would be honoured to be your guide.


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Lastly, if you’re located in Edmonton and are looking for a truly transcendental experience, I highly recommend checking out floating therapy. Click here to learn more about the many benefits you can get from just one session.