Shamanic Coaching

What is Shamanic Coaching, and how can it deepen your journey of self awareness, healing and growth?

The shamanic journey is built on:

  • The understanding that a person is on an evolutionary journey of discovery and engagement in their world.
  • The knowing that the life experiences a person has engaged in can be utilized and increased.
  • That the unknown is what a person desires to perceive beyond ordinary reality and then integrate into the known.
  • The shamanic work is an engagement with Spirit, their higher self and the unknown.

The job of a Shamanic Coach is to:

  • Encourage the inner journey.
  • Powerfully facilitate you, leading you to full clarification of an intent or goal.
  • Encourages your inner authority and self-responsibility.
  • Guides the shamanic undertaking into the unconscious unknowing .

A Shamanic Coach:

  • Is a facilitator of shamanic knowledge, ceremonial process, ritual.
  • Uses shamanic techniques and tools to foster powerful transformation energetically, emotionally and physically.
  • Supports and foster the movement of evolution in co-creation with the person as stated by them and their desired goals.
  • Listens deeply and applies their intuitive abilities and skills to see the direction of fastest movement.
  • Fosters spiritual development via shamanic practice