Have you ever wondered what your relationship would be like if you could meet conflict with Grace instead of fear or resistance?  Wondered what your relationship could be like with communication that works, instead of communication that leaves you both feeling misunderstood and ultimately ending up in an argument or some version of a lose or lose?  Have you just stopped risking in your relationship because you have decided nothing is likely going to ever change, or you are not worthy of the level of intimacy that risk could bring?  Tired of not getting your needs met in relationship, and so because you aren’t getting your needs met you compromise your full honesty, your full commitment to the relationship, your ability to trust?

I know I have certainly experienced some version of all of the above.  Those moments in my life when the work it took to sustain a relationship felt like too much to carry and so it was just easier to abandon the relationship ship. Or the years I spent working on just keeping the peace, sick of the drama of battle and so content to have things just roll along, not owning that the price for that complacency was missing powerful intimacy and dynamic co-creation. Or those times in my life where it felt like my work or my friends got more of my focus than my relationship, because those seemed easier somehow.  Perhaps you can check off some or many of the above in your life.

If you can say yes that’s true for me, to many of the statements above, then this Seminar is for you.

Here is what you can expect to take from this Course:

You will have a chance to explore a ‘mature’, fully functioning relationship.  You will commit to a process of mature love that includes identifying what keeps that level of love away.  You will both summon the courage to affirm the authentic you and find ways to share that with the other in an open, honest, vulnerable way.  You will understand what it means to respect your boundaries and to respect your partner’s boundaries in the same way.  Boundaries are the foundation for intimacy.  You will practice and learn how to self sooth and self connect, which will support a softening into a stronger bond in the relationship.  You will build trust in the relationship through a process commitment.  You will learn which love language you both speak so you can become more fluent in the other’s ‘language’ and you will learn the language of apology and understand the power of authentic, sincere, accountable I am sorry.  Lastly, you will be able to deepen your understanding of love and sexuality, which of course is an aspect of any healthy, functional relationship.


This is not for the half hearted, or kinda committed to change couples.  There is significant investment required; investment of your time, energy and money.  You will need to COMMIT, RISK and STRETCH in order to be successful in this program.  This is not intended to ‘fix’ your relationship; it will deepen and improve on what is working.  If you relationship is on the brink this program is not for you.


What you will receive is THREE WEEKENDS and THREE WEBINARS of learning and support that will take you from inconsistent and partly successful, to consistent and manifesting happily ever after.

Specifically you will receive:

A weekend, then a month to practice what you learned, during your practice month you will connect with me and the rest of the group for a webinar.  Then we will have our second weekend, another month of practice with a webinar, and then a final weekend, with a check in webinar post final weekend.

So if you are still reading you may be thinking okay, this sounds incredible, how much will this cost us?  Well I trust I have some good news; for only $2797 a couple you have access to everything above.

For less than the price of 2 weeks at an all inclusive, you could actually change the trajectory of your life and your relationship, and what dollar value could you place on that?  And to broaden that perspective just a bit more, 12 hours of private coaching with me would cost you $2000.  You will get 57 hours of my focused time and full attention!

So, I invite you to join me and 11 other couples, to take the journey to transformation and real change. Happily Ever After is possible and is just waiting for you to step up and say yes to making it your reality!

Here’s what a few happy attendees have to say…

My husband and I met 18 years ago. Fell in love instantly. Our marriage has had more ups then downs. However the past few years life has gotten in the way.

The Happily Ever After course helped us get back to the essence of who we were before life got in the way. We love the accountability towards are marriage. We feel back on track.

Thank you Rae-ann for being committed to our process!

– Lisa & Stephen Goodwin

We come from two twenty-year failed marriages. We are in a new relationship of four years. We decided to do the work early this time. To learn the communication skills and tools that we were lacking the first time so that we can be successful and get the happily ever after ending we are both looking for. This has been an incredible opportunity to look deeply at each other and rediscover the passion and the willingness we know at the beginning of relationships. Thank you for the guidance and the wisdom in this process!

– Kathryn and David

For more information about who I am and what I bring to the group, check out my “About” page and my business page on Facebook.

If you are still not sure and just want to sit and explore if this is truly for you, call or email me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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